Yoga Is For Men Also


Men, especially Black men, spend way too much time rationalizing why they don’t practice Yoga, eat right, or continue to smoke and drink. There is a reason why men die sooner than women, and much of it is because in general they ignore signs of illness from their bodies. Men have fatalistic attitudes that say, “You are going to die anyway, so you might as well die enjoying all the things that kill you!!!!” This is the height of western corporate -induced insanity. Yoga can be as simple as learning to breathe slowly, gently move your body and replace a few bad items in your diet with healthy ones. You don’t have to be flexible in order to START practicing Yoga. You will gain ability and flexibility as you practice. You don’t have to feel embarrassed because you “can’t” do a particular technique. Whatever you can do will improve your life and might save you from that heart attack, stroke or cancer that you are more likely to die prematurely from if you do not make at least small changes.