Rule of Four Breathing and Geometric Progression: The Foundation of the YogaSkills Method and Kemetic Yoga

Why do we practice Rule of Four Breathing? Because it is in complete alignment with the way that energy moves in the body.
• The power in the practice of Yoga is rooted in the movement of energy, life-force, Ankh, Shu, etc., through the energy channels of the body.
• Every other aspect of the practice is subordinate to the movement and circulation of energy.
• In fact your ability to simply live is dependent upon the continued flow of energy. Neither your heart, lungs, nerves, endocrine system, liver nor anything else will not operate without the presence of life-force that is generated by the breath.
• Your ability to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is dependent upon the quality of the precise and efficient circulation of energy.
• Disruptions in the flow of energy produce disease, illness, mental/emotional imbalance, general decay of the body (aging) and death.
• The “stretching” of muscles has benefits in terms of stimulating blood circulation, moving lymph, strengthening muscles and joints, but does not provide enough impetus to move life force.
• When we combine the proper breath sequence along with the movement (so-called stretch or release) we cause the energy to move through the channels as well as to cause the body to release and mold itself into the posture much more efficiently.
• Precise control of the breath also engenders precise control over the thoughts and emotions. Lack of emotional control of our thoughts, emotions and our mind is the foundation of unhappiness and limited achievement of life goals.
• Any blockage in the flow of energy will result in ill health. Lack of motion, poor nutrition, toxins, negative thoughts, etc., all cause the energy to become blocked or stagnated.
• We practice Geometric Progression in alignment with breath control in order to be in harmony with the natural way the body/mind/spirit complex of our BEING is constructed.
• Our ancestors created geometrically perfect structures and portrayed themselves in the MDW NTR in perfect geometric alignment. Energy flows best when the geometry of shape and form is precise.
• The reason why the pyramid is understood to be an energy dynamo able to heal, shift consciousness and more is because of the precision of the shape. One degree of variation would alter and limit the power of the pyramid.
• Our bodies are pyramids. Our Kemetic Yoga Postures are based upon pyramidal energy.
• The pyramids are aligned with the cosmos. When we align ourselves in geometric precision, we are also aligning ourselves with the cosmos, our Creator (Neter), our Gods, our Goddesses (Neteru) and our Ancestors (Shepsu).
• Our adherence to geometric progression is simply us reflecting the natural order. All things in creation operate on the principle of Sacred Geometry. A seed gradually unfolds and eventually becomes a tree in a precise pattern that is geometric and mathematical.
• The alignment of Breath, Mind, Body and Movement is simply to be authentically and originally Kemetic.
• Our goal ultimately is to affect our entire BEING on various levels.
1. Physical: Stretch and tone the muscles; stimulate blood circulation; activate deeper breathing; stimulate the organs of digestion, assimilation and elimination; restructure and align the skeletal system
2. Mental: Develop concentration; control thoughts, increase ability to learn; improve decision making skills
3. Emotional: Eliminate stress, anger, frustration, anxiety, jealousy, negative self-image
4. Energy Body: Become aware of the existence of the energy body and the life force that fuels it; remove blockages from the channels through which energy flows; increase the level and intensity of energy
5. Spiritual: Experience oneness with all of creation; connect with the Kemetic divine forces of nature; communicate and connect with your ancestors