Anger Management And The Gift Of Yoga


The Pose of Anpu, aka Spiritual Warrior Pose

Anger in the purest sense is a natural response to a PERCEIVED violation against the self. The problem with anger is that it can fuel a positive, reasonable and adaptive response to whatever stimulated it, or it can lead to internal disruption to the body/mind/spirit matrix and cause illogical, irrational and self destructive behavior.

Yoga, which is the SCIENCE of body/mind/spirit integration helps one who CONSCIOUSLY engages in it to perceive the violation, place it in context, and then respond to the external source of this STIMULI without disruption to the internal energy field and vibrational frequency. Most instances of these perceived “violations” are insignificant and meaningless and are best ignored. However, the perception of the receiver needs to be honed in order to know the difference. When the circumstance that has stimulated anger in you is real, you need to be able to RESPOND to it correctly and proportionately. Even in a situation where your life and well being are threatened, you need to respond in a way where your mind remains clear and your actions of self defense are guided to have optimum effect. Flailing and running about, either emotionally or literally, does nothing but lead to your ultimate defeat and destruction. The greatest warriors are those who are able to carry out their tasks effortlessly, quickly and with dispassion. This ability only comes from an intentional and systematic practice that is based upon principles and techniques of the highest QUALITY.