Lesson Plan

Kemetic Yoga History and Philosophy: Watch YouTube Video: Quantum Healing, the Science of Kemetic Yoga.


Watch all parts of the video and answer the following questions in an essay form:

1. What is Kemetic Yoga?

2. Compare and contrast Kemetic Yoga and Indian Yoga

3. What is the lineage of the YogaSkills Method of Kemetic Yoga

4. Explain the primary symbols that inform us of reality of Kemetic Yoga

5. What are some of the iconic postures of Kemetic Yoga?

2. Using the Kemetic Yoga DVDs learn to correctly practice the following Practices

1. Cleansing Breath

2. Mummy Pose

3. Sun Salutation

4. Teken Pose

5. Pose of Ausar

6. Pose of Min

7. Pose of Selkhet

8. Maat Ka

9. Pyramid Forward Bending Pose

10. One Leg Forward Bending Pose

11. Thigh to the chest Poses

12. Spider Variation I

13. Spider Variation II

14. Spinal Twist

15. Sesh Poses

16. Pose of Immortality

17. Peaceful Warrior Pose/Pose of Anpu

  • Describe the benefits of each posture and what parts of the body are affected by each one.

  • Describe in general what ailments or health conditions can be positively affected by each posture.

  • Provide safety tips in terms of avoiding injury and maintaining alignment.

  • Describe what Kemetic Divinity is associated with as many of the Postures as you can.

  • Describe in general how energy moves in the body and the pathways they take in coordination with the Breath

Video Demonstration: You can choose to send smaller clips of your practice of one to three techniques at a time in order to get feedback and make corrections. Your Video Clips should be about 10 minutes long in order to transmit via email or you can post to Facebook on the private Kemetic Yoga Teachers page.

Create a video presentation of yourself performing the primary practices listed above.

In the video you should be able to demonstrate that have a firm ability to physically perform the postures with ease, understand the concept of Rule of Four Breathing and Geometric Progression.

  • Describe the concepts of Rule of Four Breathing and Geometric Progression and how and why we use them in the YogaSkills Method and Kemetic Yoga.

  • Describe the YogaSkills Method (YSM)

Video Presentation:

Create a video demonstration of you teaching a sample class of Kemetic Yoga to a group of at least 3 people. In the video demonstrate the following


1. Knowledge of how to perform the basic core practices of Kemetic Yoga and the YogaSkills Method

2. Ability to communicate to others how to perform these practices

3. Ability to communicate what parts of the body are affected by the postures

4. Ability to communicate what the students should feel energetically

5. Ability to correct and adjust a student to get them into the posture properly and to avoid injury

6. Ability to take students into deep relaxation using verbal instruction and overall environment while they are in the Mummy Pose.

Describe your experience with the study of Kemetic Yoga and the YogaSkills Method and what shifts or transformations that you have encountered.

Once you have satisfactorily completed the essays and videos you will receive a certificate designating you as a graduate of the YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga at the 200 Hour Level.

Module One

  • Yoga Philosophy and History

  • Indian Conceptions

  • Kemetic Philosophy of Ma’at

  • YogaSkills Method

Module Four

  • Merkhut

  • Heruamkhet

  • Wadjet

  • Mesu Heru

  • Lunge on Right Leg

Module Nine

  • Shoulder Stand

  • Plough (Pose of Geb)

  • Head Stand

Module Two

  • The Science of Breathing

  • Cleansing Breath

  • Sahu Pose: Corpse, Savasana

  • Alternate Nostril Breathing

Module Five

  • Sitting Forward and Backward Bending

  • Merkhut Forward Bending Pose

  • One Leg Forward Bending Pose

  • Thigh to Chest Poses

  • Spider Variation 1 (Backward Bending Pose)

  • Spider Variation 2

Module Ten

  • Meditation

Module Three

  • Sesh Poses

  • Sesh Pose Sequence Variation One

  • Sesh Pose Variation Two

  • Sesh Pose Variation Three

Module Six

  • Twists and Triangle

  • Spinal Twist Variation 1

  • Spinal Twist Variation 2

  • Spinal Twist Variation 3

  • Triangle Pose Variation 1

  • Triangle Pose Variation 2

  • Triangle Pose Variation 3

Module Eleven

  • Injury Prevention

  • Module Twelve

  • Special Populations

  • Seniors

  • Children

  • Corporate Yoga

Module Four

  • Sun Salutation

  • Fundamentals of the Sun Salutation

  • Sesh Three

  • Lunge on Left Leg Wadjet

Module Seven

  • Teken Sequence

  • Ma’at Ka

Module Eight

  • Pose of Immortality

  • Pose of Anpu

  • Pose of Ma’at/Auset