YogaSkills Holistic Tour Of Ethiopia

2021 Dates to be Announced 

Join Master Yirser Ra Hotep and explore the land of Ethiopia, a country that stands at the cultural crossroads of Africa and the Middle East, whose history goes as far back as humanity itself. One of the world's earliest Christian nations, Ethiopia has produced astounding churches like world famous Lalibela, hewn from bedrock in one solid piece. Admire grand palaces, ancient monuments, majestic castles and intricate religious paintings, artwork and architecture. Meet the Mursi people that some say are the ancestors of the Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) people . Last but not least, taste authentic Ethiopian food which has spawned restaurants around the world, in the place where it originated.

$3,995 for Double Occupancy;

$5,995.00 for Single Occupancy;

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Payments are partially refundable. $500 fee deducted from all refunds.

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